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Whether you want to own a racehorse, become a driver or trainer, or raise the next generation, you need to become a USTA member. Membership comes with certain perks, such as discounted pricing on our Pathway reports and Hoof Beats subscriptions. The USTA also participates in a nationwide program where you can get discounts on purchases with companies such as John Deere, Sherwin Williams, Office Depot/OfficeMax and others.

How do I become a new member? How do I become a new member?

If you have never held membership with the USTA, you can complete a New Member Application, which can be faxed, emailed or mailed in with the appropriate fees. If you are under the age of 18, your membership with the USTA is free – visit the Youth Corner for more information.

You can also apply online by using a USTA MyAccount. Non-members who already have a USTA MyAccount (to use Pathway, subscribe to Hoof Beats, enroll horses in Full Circle, etc.) can use their same log-in to apply for USTA membership. Once logged in, users need to click "Online Services" from the black navigation bar, then click on the "Membership" link.

If you have never been a USTA member, nor have you ever had a USTA MyAccount, you can sign up for one here; you must have a valid email address. After you have set up a username and password, check your inbox for an email with a verification code. You can then immediately apply for membership.

New memberships cannot be completed over the phone.

If you apply online or provide an email address on the paper application, you will receive email verification the evening your membership is processed with your membership number and expiration date; if you do not provide us with an email address on the paper form, you will receive verification by mail.

If you have ever held a USTA membership before, see "How do I renew my membership/driver/trainer/official license?" below.

When does my membership expire?

Your membership expiration date is based on the first letter of your last name. Please note: membership rates are not prorated.

Last name Expiration
A-D 12/31
E-K 3/31
L-Q 6/30
R-Z 9/30

If your last name changes, please let us know via mail, a faxed or emailed statement that includes both your old and new last names. Remember that by changing your last name, it may affect the expiration date on your membership.

How do I renew my membership/driver/trainer/official license?

It doesn't matter how long it has been since you last renewed your membership and/or license(s) – your USTA membership number stays with you for life!

You will receive an email reminder (if you have an email address on file with us) or a renewal application in the mail approximately 30 days prior to your membership expiring.

The easiest way to renew your membership/license when the time comes is through Online Services . You can also renew over the phone with a credit card or by printing off a Renewal Application and faxing or emailing it to us.

What are the costs for membership?

&nbsp One Year Three years
New Membership $90 $222
Renewal Membership $75 $200
Renewal Membership + driver and/or trainer license $125 $350
Officials Licensing Costs (does not include membership)
Presiding Judge License PM (Fair) $50($20) $150($60)
Associate Judge $50 $150
Starter PM (Fair) $50($20) $150($60)
Race Secretary $50 $150
Program Director $30 $90
Charter $20 $60
Paddock Judge $30 $90
Identifier $20 $60
Patrol Judge $20 $60
Clerk of Course PM (Fair) $20($15) $60($45)

How do I update my Contact Information?

If your mailing address has changed, you can update your contact information through Online Services or by contacting member services.

I'm going to be racing horses, where do I find information about getting licensed with the state racing commission(s)?

Below is a listing by state of each racing commission with as direct a link as possible to the licensing page of their website.

If you will be racing in multiple jurisdictions, you will want to check out the the National Racing Compact. Fill out one application, submit one set of fingerprints and they will do the rest - just tell them which states you need to be licensed in.

California Horse Racing Board
Delaware Harness Racing Commission
Illinois Racing Board
Indiana Horse Racing Commission
Kentucky Horse Racing Commission
Maine State Harness Racing Commission
Maryland Racing Commission
Massachusetts Gaming Commission
Michigan Gaming Control Board
Minnesota Racing Commission
New Jersey Racing Commission
New York Gaming Commission
Ohio State Racing Commission
Pennsylvania Bureau of Standardbred Horse Racing

Membership - U.S. Trotting (2024)


How do I find my standardbred history? ›

Your Horse's History

Curious about your horse's breeding or racing background and want to learn more? The USTA can help. Full past performance reports and video race replays available from Pathway, the USTA's online database.

How do I contact the USTA harness? ›

If you have any further questions, please call USTA Member Services at (614) 224-2291, or (877) 800-8782, and press "0."

What is the lifespan of a Standardbred horse? ›

What Health Conditions Affect the Standardbred Horse? The Standardbred horse is typically a healthy and long-lived breed. The average Standardbred horse lifespan is 30 to 35 years.

Does USTA membership expire? ›

It doesn't matter how long it has been since you last renewed your membership and/or license(s) – your USTA membership number stays with you for life!

How do I check my USTA membership? ›

To view your USTA account information, membership expiration date or obtain your USTA # please follow the steps below:
  1. Go to
  2. Click LOGIN button in upper right corner.
  3. Enter email address and password.
  4. Click LOG IN.
  5. Click "Hi (Your Name)" in upper right corner.
  6. In dropdown, click Membership.

How do I find someone's USTA rating? ›

On players are able to view their NTRP rating. From the player profile, you can access your adult NTRP rating or view the NTRP rating of other players from their public profile.

How do I find my horse racing history? ›

Finding the race record: Once you know your horse's Jockey Club name, you can enter it at Equibase and access the horse's full race record. You'll be able to find sire/dam information, birthdate, race record and earnings, and detailed results of every race that horse ever ran.

How can I trace my horses history? ›

Even if your horse hasn't been registered on the CED then the microchip number can still help. The first three digits designate the manufacturer or country code. From there you can contact the relevant breed society and get them to help track down your horse's history.

How do I find my horse's lineage? ›

If you aren't sure where your horse came from before you owned him, his microchip could hold the key. The first three digits are sometimes assigned to a certain country, so from there you can contact the relevant breed society.

How much is a Standardbred horse worth? ›

Coat styles
CoatBase Value (in $)Stamina
Palomino Dapple150.003
Dappled Black Chestnut150.004
2 more rows

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