Essay and Grammar Check

As your essay becomes more readable we teach in business writing no indentation indentation is gone it’s out of fashion nobody indents anymore but for this essay or for the purpose of your b-school admissions you must indent your Asus Edusson nz suggest I would you know you can you know make the lines draw the lines but I would love if you can do it without the lines that looks a little better it looks a little more professional the lines look a little more childish so if you can’t absolutely manage if you have a big problem with your with your skewness then you draw the lines but I would love it if you have a slight problem manage without the lines here but even in the plane therefore you must do the indentation.

So this is about this structure guys so guys for today’s takeaway like I told you earlier you are evaluating such a swath okay yeah I’ll come to this points as well in just a minute when I am evaluating an essay I’m talking about content I of course look at the body and and the meat of arresting I look at your cuttings I look at your grammar I look at your commas and full stops I look at your spelling mistakes as well that’s your return ability and I look at this structure so for the purpose of the z-test tomorrow and for the purpose of all your essays in future.

You must divide your essay into the introduction paragraph between two to six paragraphs for the body each paragraph has a distinct flavor and a conclusion paragraph summarizing what you have said couple of more points the conclusion paragraph is where you take the stand so for example if the topic was like we did for democracy and you talk about pros and cons of democracy you divide your body into two paragraphs one for pros one for cons in the conclusion paragraph I would take the stand so taking a stand doesn’t happen in the introduction it happens in the conclusion it is where you summarize that having seen the pros and cons we can summarize democracy is or is not the best form of governance this is your conclusion okay so in a question mark based topic the stand always happens in the conclusion.

Okay I don’t know please don’t do that please don’t do the highlighting and the underlining don’t don’t do those things so that’s one answer shush with your question generally I don’t know if you guys agree with me for 300 words I guess nobody fell short nobody when I said time up plus anybody still writing I I guess for 300 words the time was more than enough please tell me if anybody thinks different here was the time enough was it too short 20 minutes for 300 words you were free right before the time was up that will always be the case without exception you will always get more time and the space required or the space that you got for in-state there is a very simple reason for this such worth because initially you’re not supposed to start.