What is a good interest rate on a 72 month car loan? (2024)

What is a good interest rate on a 72 month car loan?

An interest rate under 5% is a great rate for a 72-month auto loan. However, the best loan offers are only available to borrowers who have the best credit scores and payment histories.

Is it smart to do a 72 month car loan?

Because of the high interest rates and risk of going upside down, most experts agree that a 72-month loan isn't an ideal choice. Experts recommend that borrowers take out a shorter loan. And for an optimal interest rate, a loan term fewer than 60 months is a better way to go. You can learn more about car loans here.

What interest rate can I get with a 800 credit score car loan?

Experian also provides average car loan APRs by credit score, based on the VantageScore credit scoring model. Superprime: 781-850. 5.64%.

What interest rate can I get with a 750 credit score for a car?

Average Auto Loan Rates in March 2024
Credit ScoreNew Car LoanRefinance Car Loan
750 or higher12.77%7.89%
1 more row

What is the best auto loan rate right now?

Compare Car Loan Rates
Top Auto Loan LenderLowest APRTerm Length
PenFed Credit Union5.24%36 to 84 months
Auto Approve5.24%**12 to 84 months
Consumers Credit Union6.54%Up to 84 months
Auto Credit ExpressVariesVaries
2 more rows

Who has the lowest car interest rates right now?

Compare Best Auto Loan Lenders
CompanyUsed APR RangeUsed Loan Terms
PenFed Best Overall6.49%–17.99%3–7 years
AUTOPAY Best for Bad Credit/Low RatesAs low as 5.69%2–8 years
Consumers Credit Union Best Credit UnionAs low as 6.84%36–84 months
LendingTree Best for RefinanceAs low as 5.99% (Refinance)36–72 months (Refinance)
3 more rows
Mar 22, 2024

What bank has the lowest APR for auto loans?

Best auto loan rates
Best rates for...LenderStarting APR
New-car loansBank of America*6.09%
Private-party loansLightStream7.74%
Private-party loansPNC8.84%
Lending platformsAutopay*4.67%
4 more rows
Jan 17, 2024

Can I get 0 APR with 800 credit score?

How to qualify for a 0% APR car deal. Zero percent financing deals are generally reserved for borrowers with excellent credit — typically classified as a credit score of 800 and above. You'll want to review your credit reports before you start shopping for auto financing.

How rare is an 800 credit score?

How rare is an 800 credit score? An 800 credit score is not as rare as most people think, considering that roughly 23% of adults have a credit score in the 800-850 range, according to data from FICO. A score in this range allows consumers to access the best credit card offers and loans with the most favorable terms.

Will auto loan rates go down in 2024?

While market predictions are bullish on the funds rate — and by extension, auto loan rates — finally coming back down in 2024, it's still not a guarantee. Powell and others at the Fed remain committed to their target of 2% inflation.

Why is my APR so high with good credit?

Key takeaways. Your credit card APR can go up if the prime rate changes, you paid your credit card bill late, your intro APR offer ended or your credit score dropped. If your APR increases, you can work on paying down your balance or transfer your balance to a card with a low or 0 percent intro APR offer.

Can you get 0% APR with 750 credit score?

You'll typically need good or excellent credit (a score of at least 690 on the FICO scale) to qualify for most 0% APR credit cards. The ongoing interest rate, which is charged once a card's promotional period ends, will also depend on your creditworthiness.

What APR will I get with a 700 credit score for a car?

Having a 700 credit score puts you in the “prime” category for borrowing. According to Experian, the average rates for this category are 6.44% for new-car loans and 9.06% for used-car loans.

Can you negotiate car loan interest rates?

Yes, just like the price of the vehicle, the interest rate is negotiable. Dealers may not offer you the lowest rate that you qualify for.

What is considered a bad auto loan rate?

Several factors could cause you to get a higher interest rate on your car loan. Generally, what's considered a bad interest rate is anything higher than 10%. Ideally, you want to get an interest rate that's below 5% — but with little or bad credit, that can be harder to achieve.

What is Capital One car loan interest rate?

How Does LendingTree Get Paid?
Capital OneFifth Third Bank
Starting APR6.49%8.34%
Loan terms36 to 72 months12 to 75 months
Loan amountsStarting at $4,000$2,000 to $80,000
Minimum credit scoreNot disclosedNot disclosed
Dec 5, 2023

How to qualify for a lower interest rate on car loan?

How to Get a Low Interest Rate on a Car
  1. Be aware of your credit score. Be aware of what your credit score is and if there are any points that need to be corrected before you apply for a car loan.
  2. Clean up your score. ...
  3. Consider Refinance Loans. ...
  4. Enlist a cosigner. ...
  5. Consider in-house financing.

Is Lending Tree a good loan company?

LendingTree is a Better Business Bureau-accredited company, and the BBB, a non-profit organization focused on consumer protection and trust, gives LendingTree an A+ rating.

What time of year are auto loan rates lowest?

For the lowest APR on an auto loan, December is the best time to buy. Buying in December could mean knocking 1 to 2 percentage points off your APR and saving money on the cost of repayment.

What auto interest rate can I get with a 650 credit score?

Average auto loan interest rates by credit score
Personal FICO scoreAverage interest rate for new car loansAverage interest rate for used car loans
661 to 7807.01%9.73%
601 to 6609.60%14.12%
501 to 60012.28%18.89%
300 to 50014.78%21.55%
1 more row
Mar 4, 2024

What credit score do you need for a car loan?

The credit score required and other eligibility factors for buying a car vary by lender and loan terms. Still, you typically need a good credit score of 661 or higher to qualify for an auto loan. About 69% of retail vehicle financing is for borrowers with credit scores of 661 or higher, according to Experian.

Why are auto loans so high?

Although a driver's rates depend on several factors — including a borrower's credit history, term length, vehicle type and more — increased inflation means higher interest rates for drivers even with perfect credit.

What is a good credit score for 0% APR?

0% APR cards require good to excellent credit

This means you'll need a FICO credit score of at least 670 or a VantageScore credit score of at least 661. If you have very good or excellent credit, which means a FICO score of at least 740 or a VantageScore of at least 781, your chances of approval are even higher.

Why is it so hard to get a 800 credit score?

Only a little over 20% of consumers ever earn a score of 800 or higher. Why? People with 800 credit scores use credit differently than the vast majority of credit users. Sure, they do some of the same things you do: never miss a payment, try to keep their credit utilization low, and scan their credit report for errors.

Is 0% APR worth it?

This one shouldn't surprise you, but 0 percent intro APR credit cards can help you save considerable sums of money on interest. This would be true regardless, but it's especially true if your alternative is a traditional credit card, given the average credit card interest rate is more than 20 percent.

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