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I understand it is much much more comfortable to go to friends to go boyfriends girlfriends anybody whatever I once had a young man come in and he gave me his essay and it was very very very bland and I was trying to be very politic and ask him how he’d gone about working on it and I turned to him and I said has anyone else had the opportunity to look at this and he said my mom and my girlfriend so then I developed the rule not someone who loves you they already think you’re great they’re not your best critic okay. You can also find help for your application on Robotdon.

So definitely a prof somebody close very close to the topic I hear students say well all you need is an english prof and a grad student or a postdoc well i’ll tell you english prof may not know everything about graduate school and the stem sciences or what our admission committee wants to know a graduate student may have two or three years experience a professor may have 20 to 30 you make the pic when somebody said do it this way they may have been admitted but it doesn’t mean they know that their application was perfect or what the strengths and the weaknesses were because there are a multitude of other ways to write it I caution you in the same way about picking graduate programs great universities great programs which programs will look best on your record with your grades and your GRE scores and again email me up the site if you’d like more information about that had a situation just a year ago where there was a student who at another institution who had applied to graduate school and the director of his program made recommendations that he applied here here and here he met with me and I recommended that he apply here here and here.

And actually because his research was very interdisciplinary there were a number of different routes to go that were really great instead the individual applied to only immunology programs only in the state in which he resided and he wasn’t admitted to any of them and we went back to him and said why you know you know you don’t have to take our advice but we’re really curious why did you not and they said well I gathered all of this advice but the postdoc in the lab told me only to apply it to immunology and I’m positive that the postdocs intentions were golden but a postdoc has four years of graduate school and professor has 30 years at the bench so think long and hard about who you should be taking advice from so again if you have questions you can write me at this email address that this is the same email address that the emails on this website go to I hope this has been helpful if you have any questions write me if there’s information that’s missing right me because I can go on back and incorporate it and hopefully make this more beneficial for all of you.

Essay and Grammar Check

As your essay becomes more readable we teach in business writing no indentation indentation is gone it’s out of fashion nobody indents anymore but for this essay or for the purpose of your b-school admissions you must indent your Asus Edusson nz suggest I would you know you can you know make the lines draw the lines but I would love if you can do it without the lines that looks a little better it looks a little more professional the lines look a little more childish so if you can’t absolutely manage if you have a big problem with your with your skewness then you draw the lines but I would love it if you have a slight problem manage without the lines here but even in the plane therefore you must do the indentation.

So this is about this structure guys so guys for today’s takeaway like I told you earlier you are evaluating such a swath okay yeah I’ll come to this points as well in just a minute when I am evaluating an essay I’m talking about content I of course look at the body and and the meat of arresting I look at your cuttings I look at your grammar I look at your commas and full stops I look at your spelling mistakes as well that’s your return ability and I look at this structure so for the purpose of the z-test tomorrow and for the purpose of all your essays in future.

You must divide your essay into the introduction paragraph between two to six paragraphs for the body each paragraph has a distinct flavor and a conclusion paragraph summarizing what you have said couple of more points the conclusion paragraph is where you take the stand so for example if the topic was like we did for democracy and you talk about pros and cons of democracy you divide your body into two paragraphs one for pros one for cons in the conclusion paragraph I would take the stand so taking a stand doesn’t happen in the introduction it happens in the conclusion it is where you summarize that having seen the pros and cons we can summarize democracy is or is not the best form of governance this is your conclusion okay so in a question mark based topic the stand always happens in the conclusion.

Okay I don’t know please don’t do that please don’t do the highlighting and the underlining don’t don’t do those things so that’s one answer shush with your question generally I don’t know if you guys agree with me for 300 words I guess nobody fell short nobody when I said time up plus anybody still writing I I guess for 300 words the time was more than enough please tell me if anybody thinks different here was the time enough was it too short 20 minutes for 300 words you were free right before the time was up that will always be the case without exception you will always get more time and the space required or the space that you got for in-state there is a very simple reason for this such worth because initially you’re not supposed to start.


Book vs Movie from online writing service

Even though this film version of the book was silent, I could still tell what was happening in the movie due to the fact that I watched the movie as I read the book to be able to compare and interpret what was going on. The film and the book were actually very similar indeed.

This is probably because the movie was silent and the director had to portray it more accurately to the book. However there were some differences between the book and the movie. One of the major differences is how each medium portrays the characters differently. In the book, Dr. Jekyll is portrayed as more of a scholarly character or a “doctor” but in the movie he is portrayed as a “crazy scientist. ” I like that the author did this though because it made the movie more exciting as opposed to the book.

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Utterson is also portrayed differently. In the book he is portrayed as a more honest character than in the movie. Mr. Utterson advises Dr. Jekyll against some of his actions in the book much more than he does in the movie, but again, the director does this for dramatic effect. The way Mr. Hyde is portrayed in the movie is very accurate though. The movie shows Mr. Hyde as truly being a monster just as in the book. The only difference is that in the movie, the transformation of Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde is much more dramatic.

The movie shows the transformation as being extremely gruesome and dramatic whereas in the book the transformation was more gradual and less extreme. Overall, I liked the book more than the movie, even though both were kind of boring and I couldn’t quite understand the book either. The author could have written the book in a more exciting fashion because quite often I would daze off as I was reading and would miss vital parts of the book. However, I thought the movie was worse because it was silent and the only sound playing was the eerie background music. I also didn’t like the fact that it was a very old, black and white movie.

Essay of Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success

The words “Running head:” must be included in the running head on the title page only. Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success Mark Baravik HCS/504 September 3rd, 2010 Jill Grundy Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success Graduate education is a decision, which must not be taken lightly. It Reword – Do not begin a sentence with the word “it”.  is an important goal I took after; I had to understand all plusses and minuses of this exiting journey. Decisions should be made after serious consideration of personal and professional goals (Kramer, 2007).

Graduate education involves in it itself multiple challenges, which require an individual to come up with strategies to overcome this problems to succeed. Some of the obstacles that I may anticipate while completing my education are: difficulties with family especially children, work, and procrastination. Good introduction. Family is a challenge of an emotional kind. These There  are most important people in my life, [remove comma] for whom I want to give everything I can: better school or daycare, clothing, house, life Add comma (Use commas between items in a series.

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Place a comma before “and” in a series) and so on. In my culture Add comma (Use a comma to set off most introductory elements)people say that if a child has a better life than a parent than the parent’s life was not wasted. In addition [insert comma] higher education in nursing is an expensive commodity, but it already brought lots of happiness and success to my life, Use period instead of a comma. I look for ward forward  to learning and growing with my family. Family is very demanding part of my life, around which it revolves.

So the challenge is: how would steel  be there for them and keep my educational obligations. When I was about to apply to the FNP Use abbreviations only after writing the term or name in full, with the abbreviation in parentheses—e. g. , Return on Investment (ROI), Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). program, my wife and I spoke about this very topic. We have decided that our daily living would revolve on time management and teamwork. Specific goals were set and we decided up on tentative plan of action, change to a semicolon it would be a fluid process based on open communication and time management.

I take all the time when our children are in daycare on days that I am not at work to study. Two to three hours each day after the children go to bed are given to homework. And so that we would not lose our sanity two weekends a month are devoted to family entirely. In formal writing do not begin a sentence with “And” or “But. ” These words make your writing seem too informal and conversational. Because the process being an ever-changing plan if there is time becomes available outside of the plan it would be used for family or education depending on circumstances.

In addition my wife is my primary support system, semicolon we are each other’s spotter. All of the decisions, schedules, to do to-do list lists, and time management are done together: we are a team. Second very important challenge of graduate learner is a full-time job. It provides recourses to sustain my family, but it is the biggest time taker and energy drainer. Please, do not misunderstand I like my job very much, but in addition it is a source of stress. Sometimes I feel like I am leading double life.

One of these two lives is at work being a nurse with procedures, patients, doctors and nurses; concentrating on common goal. At the same time a second life of a graduate student, who locks himself in the office plugs in his laptop and prays that the pager or a telephone would not go off. Like a support system at home I needed to create one at work. I have built a good working relationship with my immediate supervisor by keeping open lines of communication. Happy A happy manager is an informed manager and because she knows that work is being done she does not mind seeing me reading read.

I, the student can find some quiet time for reading and research. My motto at work is: an unlimited supply of favors to all, try not to say “no”  and at the same time do not let anybody to take advantage of me. People see and feel goodwill, and most try to repay with same. I try to avoid politics and conflicts like a plague because they drain time and increase stress. It all comes down to time management, planning out my day.The third and final challenge of my academic carrier and educational sin is procrastination.

According to Finnigan (2008), “There is no way for you to sit down and, as in the famous advertising slogan, “Just do it,” Nike’s slogan. You need to mention where the slogan came from and the intermittent realization of this apparent fact tends to make any work seem rather pointless or futile, thus heightening the attraction of other more pleasant or practicable diversions” (p. 5). I often catch myself, putting off assignments, drifting away in a daydream or an idea, which is not relevant to the subject.

It turns in to a major problem when situation involves a deadline. I tend to press on during final hours before a deadline to complete an assignment. To combat this problem, I pay close attention to deadlines. I keep a calendar, which is synchronized with my phone, my home page, and work schedule. Thankfully technology sends me reminders and keeps me on track. Occasionally I would move a deadline closer by one or two days, sort of a white lie strategy, which helps if an assignment is specially difficult.

In conclusion all this cChallenges are the parts of one broad skill of time management. This is an indispensable skill for a graduate student and professional alike. An ability to organize properly ones time greatly impacted by the success level of the project. According to Misra and McKean (2000), “Time management behaviors had a greater buffering effect on academic stress than leisure satisfaction activities. Important relationships were found between some aspects of time management and academic stress” (p. 8). Your paper will benefit from a stronger conclusion. A concluding paragraph summarizes the main idea, ties the main points together neatly for the reader, and ends with a sense of finality. Avoid introducing new ideas in the conclusion.  The acronym SEES may help you write a better paragraph. S = Short sentence that states the main idea. E = Explanation of the main idea in more detail. E = Example or quotation given to illustrate the main idea. S = Sum up the main idea in a way that leads to the next paragraph. References Finigan, T. (2008). Expect Delaysdelays: Procrastination and the Graduate graduate Studentstudent. English Studies in Canada, 34(2/3), 4-10. Kramer, L. (2007). A personal reflection: graduate Graduate study challenges and strategies for success. Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, 26(4), 158-159. Misra, R. , & McKean, M. (2000). College students’ academic stress and its relation to their anxiety, time management, and leisure satisfaction. American Journal of Health Studies, 16(1), 41.