What are odd Dutch names? (2024)

What are odd Dutch names?

At dinner with some Dutch mates, the conversation suddenly turned to quirky Dutch surnames: Gekkehuis (Madhouse), Naaktgeboren (Born naked), Borst (breast), Uittenbroek (out of his pants) and Spring in 't Veld (Jump in the Field).

What are the strange Dutch names?

At dinner with some Dutch mates, the conversation suddenly turned to quirky Dutch surnames: Gekkehuis (Madhouse), Naaktgeboren (Born naked), Borst (breast), Uittenbroek (out of his pants) and Spring in 't Veld (Jump in the Field).

What is the stereotypical Dutch last name?

One of the most common Dutch surnames is “de Jong", which is considered a patronymic name. Other common Dutch surnames are “Jansen” (derived from Jan's son) and “de Vries” (meaning “the freeze," referring to where a person came from, i.e. a toponym).

What is a very common Dutch name?

The most popular names in Netherlands in 2022 are topped by Emma and Noah. Along with Emma, the other top girl names in the Netherlands include Julia, Mila, Sophie, and Olivia. In addition to Noah, the rest of the Top 5 Dutch boy names include Liam, Luca, Lucas, and Mees.

Why do Dutch have funny surnames?

In the Netherlands, there are many crazy surnames such 'naaktgeboren' (born naked), 'de koning' (the king, or 'anus' (anus). This is because many Dutch were protesting against the occupying French (Napoleon), who mandated everyone to have a surname. Many people thus choose crazy surnames, which survive until this day.

What is a weird Dutch last name?

These weird and wonderful names are a tribute to the defiant Dutch forefathers, and a constant source of amusem*nt for everyone else.
  • Gekkehuis: madhouse.
  • Hoogenboezem: high bosom.
  • Paardebek: horse's mouth.
  • De Keizer: the emperor (mocking Napolean)
  • Rotmensen: rotten people.
  • Poepjes: faeces or farts.
  • Piest: (he/she) pees.
Jun 5, 2013

What are some Dutch swearwords list?

The best Dutch swear words
  • Kanker. This has got to be one of the most well-known - and controversial - swear words in the Dutch language, and it can be confusing because the word kanker actually means “cancer”. ...
  • Tering. ...
  • Klootzak meaning. ...
  • Mierenneuker. ...
  • Eikel. ...
  • Lul. ...
  • Trut. ...
  • Kutwijf.
Mar 8, 2023

What does Donk mean in Dutch?

"Donk" is a slang term that is used in Dutch to refer to a fool or a stupid person. It is considered to be a derogatory.

What is the most common last name in Holland?

Common Dutch Surnames & Their Meanings
  • of 20. DE JONG. Frequency: 83,937 people in 2007; 55,480 in 1947. ...
  • of 20. JANSEN. Frequency: 73,538 people in 2007; 49,238 in 1947. ...
  • of 20. DE VRIES. ...
  • of 20. VAN DEN BERG (van de Berg, van der Berg) ...
  • of 20. VAN DIJK (van Dyk) ...
  • of 20. BAKKER. ...
  • of 20. JANSSEN. ...
  • of 20. VISSER.
May 3, 2019

What are the rules for Dutch names?

The rules for naming were the following:
  • First-born son is named after paternal grandfather.
  • First-born daughter is named after maternal grandmother.
  • Second son is named after maternal grandfather.
  • Second daughter is named after paternal grandmother.

What is an example of a Dutch name?

The most popular female given names were Emma, Julia, Mila, Tess and Sophie. Some Dutch family names contain a particle, such as 'van' (“of/from”), 'de/het' (“the”) and 'der' (“of the”). These particles, known as 'tussenvoegsel' are not capitalised. For example, Vincent van GOGH, or Antonia van der BERG.

What is the modern name of Dutch?

The Dutch language is a West Germanic language that is the national language of the Netherlands and, with French and German, one of the three official languages of Belgium. Dutch is also called Netherlandic or Dutch Nederlands; in Belgium it is called Flemish or Flemish Vlaams.

What is the new name of the Dutch?

The government has started to rebrand the country as the Netherlands to enhance its image in the face of global competition. For decades, the Dutch government used “Holland” and “the Netherlands” interchangeably to describe the country known for its iconic canals, tulip fields and windmills.

What do the Dutch call themselves?

Seeing as the Dutch refer to themselves as "nederlanders", there's no reason why the English can't use the equivalent 'netherlanders', in the same vein as 'greenlanders' or indeed 'new zealanders', but that's a different question.

What is a funny Finnish last name?

Some unusual surnames with obscure origins have strange meanings in modern Finnish, including Kiimamaa (land in heat), Patja (mattress), Makkara (sausage), Kaalinpää (cabbage head), Punkki (mite), Romu (junk), and Hikipää (sweaty head).

What is a Dutch last name example?

Examples of Dutch family names

Some people at the time chose to register their profession as a family name. So, we have names like Smit (Blacksmith), de Boer (the Farmer), Timmerman (Carpenter), Visser (Fisherman) or den Bakker (the Baker).

What is a strange German last name?

Bierhals (meaning beer-neck), Trinkenschuh (drink-shoe), Eierkuchen (egg cake) and Kitzler (tickler) are some of the funniest German names that have appeared on birth certificates.

What is a really long Dutch city name?

Now onto the Netherlands, where Gasselterboerveenschemond leads as the longest place name with 25 characters. The small town (known as a hamlet in Dutch) is part of the Aa en Hunze municipality and has a population of only 40 people, but you know what they say, "Great things come in small packages."

What is taboo in the Netherlands?

Dutch Cultural Taboos

Littering. Asking people about income or appearance. Informally addressing someone without permission. Speaking with your hands in your pockets.

What is the hardest Dutch word to say?

Let's start with one of the hardest numbers to pronounce.
  • achtentachtig "eighty-eight" Mijn opa is 88 jaar oud. ...
  • afstandsbediening "remote control" ...
  • angstschreeuw "cry of distress" ...
  • duivenvoer "pigeon food" ...
  • gevarendriehoek "warning triangle" ...
  • goochelaar "magician" ...
  • grafiek "graph" ...
  • reünie "reunion"

What is considered rude in Dutch?

The Dutch consider it rude not to identify yourself. The Dutch will shake hands and say their last name, not "Hello." They also answer the telephone with their last name. It is considered impolite to shout a greeting. Wave if greeting someone from a distance.

What does Van Damme mean in Dutch?

Dutch and Flemish: habitational name for someone from any of numerous places called Dam (for example Dam short for Appingedam in the province of Groningen and Dam in Gennep Limburg both in the Netherlands) or Ten Damme (for example in Overijssel in the Netherlands) or from other places in the Netherlands and Belgium ...

What does KK stand for in Dutch?

When you buy your own home, you will need to pay purchasing and financing costs, known in Dutch as kosten koper or k.k. This means that the buyer pays the property transfer tax and the costs of the transfer deed.

What does Bob mean in Dutch?

Some media have spread the rumor that the acronym is derived from the Dutch phrase "Bewust Onbeschonken Bestuurder" which translates to "Consciously Non-Drunk Driver" or 'deliberately sober driver'.

How do you know if a last name is Dutch?

Dutch surnames based on locations usually include prefixes like de (the), van (from), van de, van der, van den (from the), or te, ter, ten (on). It was often the case that when a Dutch immigrant came to the United States, or other non-Dutch speaking countries, these prefixes would become lumped into the surname.

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