Megan Thee Stallion Lawyers Blast Cameraman's 'Outlandish' Harassment Claims (2024)

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“There is no truth to plaintiff’s claims,” Megan’s lawyers argue in new court filing

Megan Thee Stallion’s legal team is savaging the claims from her former personal cameraman that she mistreated and underpaid him.

In a new court filing obtained by Rolling Stone, Megan’s lawyers, Mari Henderson and Alex Spiro, say “there is no truth” to the “fabricated” and “outlandish” claims of sexual harassment and labor code violations made by the Grammy winner’s former cameraman Emilio Garcia in a lawsuit filed last month. Garcia, who worked for the hip-hop star between 2018 and 2023, alleged in his complaint that Megan, whose legal name is Megan Pete, failed to pay his overtime, made disparaging statements about him, and once engaged in sexual contact with a woman while traveling with Garcia in a moving vehicle.

“Plaintiff is a con artist who is manipulating the judicial system to act as his publicist and bullhorn in a desperate attempt to boost his failed singing career while trying to tear down the successful career of Megan thee Stallion,” Henderson and Spiro write in their formal answer to the complaint. “Throughout his tenure as an independently contracted photographer and videographer for Ms. Pete and her production companies…(Garcia) repeatedly falsified his invoices and overcharged Ms. Pete for services he never completed and sought reimbursem*nts for money he never spent.”

Pete’s lawyers allege that Garcia’s “pattern of misrepresentations was so prevalent that Ms. Pete was forced to terminate (him) in June 2023.”

“Angry at the loss of this high-profile gig and his exile from the inner circles of stardom, (Garcia) filed a factually and legally frivolous complaint. (He) took a run of the mill wage and labor dispute and trumped up his frivolous claims with sensationalist false allegations of sex, debauchery, and workplace harassment for the sole purpose of creating a media firestorm to tarnish the career and reputation of Ms. Pete,” the lawyers say.

Garcia alleged in his lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court that he was ultimately terminated in retaliation for his complaints about wage and hour issues. He claimed he was fired the night before a scheduled gig after he confided in Pete’s makeup artist that he felt mistreated and was considering leaving because Pete had started working with another cameraman.

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In his most explicit claim, Garcia alleged he was traveling with Pete in Ibiza, Spain, in June 2022 when she “suddenly” engaged in sexual contact with another woman “right beside” him in a moving vehicle. “Plaintiff was embarrassed, mortified and offended throughout the whole ordeal,” his lawsuit stated.

“This is just another attempt by another celebrity to shame the victim and shift blame from their own abhorrent behavior. In this case, Megan Thee Stallion never brought up any issues with Emilio accusing him of falsifying his invoices and overcharging that supposedly forced her to fire him until after he sued,” Garcia’s attorney Ron Zambrano, a partner and Employment Litigation Chair at West Coast Employment Lawyers in Los Angeles, said in a statement Wednesday. “Her attorneys are correct, our client is angry, but not by being so-called exiled ‘from the inner circles of stardom.’ He’s angry because of how he was treated. Megan Thee Stallion broke the law. Period. No one is lying here but her.”


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In a related filing this week, Pete’s lawyers also provided notice they were seeking to transfer the case to federal court. They described Garcia as a citizen of Texas, Pete as a citizen of Florida and Roc Nation as improperly named in the lawsuit. They further stated that Garcia’s contract named New York as the pre-selected forum for any disputes.

“Plaintiff alleged in his complaint both that he was a citizen of California and that Roc Nation, Ms. Pete’s management company, somehow employed him. Both of these allegations are demonstrably false,” the filing states.

Megan Thee Stallion Lawyers Blast Cameraman's 'Outlandish' Harassment Claims (2024)


Megan Thee Stallion Lawyers Blast Cameraman's 'Outlandish' Harassment Claims? ›

In a new court filing obtained by Rolling Stone, Megan's lawyers, Mari Henderson and Alex Spiro, say “there is no truth” to the “fabricated” and “outlandish” claims of sexual harassment and labor code violations made by the Grammy winner's former cameraman Emilio Garcia in a lawsuit filed last month.

Who's suing Megan Thee Stallion? ›

In April, Megan Thee Stallion's former cameraman Emilio Garcia sued her for harassment and labor code violations. The rapper's legal team initially called Garcia's claims “frivolous,” and has since followed up with a formal denial in a new court filing.

Who is the Megan Thee Stallion cameraman? ›

Megan Thee Stallion has been accused of fat-shaming her former cameraman - and having sex next to him in a car - in a new lawsuit. The US rapper is alleged to have made an "intolerable" work environment by ex-employee Emilio Garcia.

Why is Megan Thee Stallion being sued by the cameraman? ›

Megan Thee Stallion Sued by Cameraman Over Hostile Work Environment Claim. The lawsuit, filed by a cameraman who says he worked for the rapper for five years, also includes allegations of unpaid wages, fat shaming and wrongful termination.

Who does Megan Thee Stallion have a restraining order on? ›

The "Plan B" rapper, 27, was granted the order against 1501 Certified Entertainment, her label, and 300 Entertainment, her distributor, on Wednesday after the court found "evidence that irreparable harm is imminent to [Megan]" should they continue to be allowed to prevent her from using her music to promote her career, ...

Does Megan the Stallion have a master's degree? ›

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion Earns Bachelor's Degree from Texas Southern University. The Grammy winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion graduated from Texas Southern University on Saturday, earning a bachelor of science degree in health administration, reports CNN.

What is Megan getting sued for? ›

The rapper Megan Thee Stallion is being sued by a former cameraman who alleges that he was not properly compensated for his work and was subjected to a hostile work environment.

What is Megan Thee Stallion accused of? ›

Megan Thee Stallion accused of hostile work environment, fat-shaming in new lawsuit. LOS ANGELES (AP) — A photographer who worked for Megan Thee Stallion said in a lawsuit filed Tuesday that he was forced to watch her have sex, was unfairly fired soon after and was abused as her employee.

Who is Megan Stallion managed by? ›

Additionally, Megan — who is managed by Roc Nation — has full creative control of her music releases along with the option to bring artists that are signed to her imprint into the WMG ecosystem.

Was the photographer forced to watch Megan the Stallion? ›

LOS ANGELES — A cameraman for Megan Thee Stallion says he was forced to watch the hip-hop star have sex with another woman and then was unfairly fired after enduring a hostile work environment. A lawyer for the singer describes the suit as an attempt to get money that Megan will fight in court.

Who owns Megan The Stallion Masters? ›

Through the unique structure of the agreement, Megan Thee Stallion will have distribution and resources with Warner Music, while she has full ownership of her masters and publishing.

How did Megan the Stallion lose her mom? ›

Her mother, Holly Thomas, died in March 2019 from a longstanding cancerous brain tumor, and Megan's great-grandmother died in the same month. She mentioned her mother's death in her song "Flip Flop" from the album, Traumazine, released on August 12, 2022.

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