Book Review: The Elizabeth Smart case. Payment for patience.

Rating: 5 stars

I became interested in this author after seeing her speak about eyewitness memory on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I found the book, read it and then noticed a composite drawing in the Elizabeth Smart case that seemed to bear no likeness to the man arrested for the kidnapping. Finally, I decided to write my review for the famous essay writing service and publish here.

Jeanne Boylan’s name was periodically associated with the case and I felt let down that she’d so badly erred in doing the less than stellar drawing. (Though now we know that the man was caught because the Smart family realized his religious name, announced it to the public and then were given real photos by the man’s own family that were aired on TV which then resulted in his subsequent identification and quick arrest.)

Now, in more recent news reports, I found out that Jeanne Boylan actually interviewed the younger sister of Elizabeth about her memory of the abduction night and that the poor suspect drawing the media was showing was not from her interviews, but was from a local portrait person and was not taken from the little sister’s sighting the night of the abduction but rather was taken from the family who knew the man and had spent many hours with him. Now I understood why the discrepancy.

I felt relief. I momentarily thought Jeanne Boylan had lost her skills. Now I understand the difference between her interview and the drawing that is now linked to the case but does not look like the kidnapper.

I look forward to the sequel of ‘Portraits of Guilt‘ and to reading more about what happens to eyewitnesses memories when the sightings are endured during moments of fright and fear and how that forces their vision very deep into the recesses of their mind as it did for Elizabeth’s little sister.

Praise the Lord that with help and encouragement, Elizabeth’s little sister finally remembered the religious name with the help of the loving Smart family, the apparently astute police and Jeanne Boylan who all had fiercely guarded the young child’s evolving memory while it was gradually surfacing so that the kidnapper was finally caught. Good things come to those who wait!