A Professional Second Opinion

I understand it is much much more comfortable to go to friends to go boyfriends girlfriends anybody whatever I once had a young man come in and he gave me his essay and it was very very very bland and I was trying to be very politic and ask him how he’d gone about working on it and I turned to him and I said has anyone else had the opportunity to look at this and he said my mom and my girlfriend so then I developed the rule not someone who loves you they already think you’re great they’re not your best critic okay. You can also find help for your application on Robotdon.

So definitely a prof somebody close very close to the topic I hear students say well all you need is an english prof and a grad student or a postdoc well i’ll tell you english prof may not know everything about graduate school and the stem sciences or what our admission committee wants to know a graduate student may have two or three years experience a professor may have 20 to 30 you make the pic when somebody said do it this way they may have been admitted but it doesn’t mean they know that their application was perfect or what the strengths and the weaknesses were because there are a multitude of other ways to write it I caution you in the same way about picking graduate programs great universities great programs which programs will look best on your record with your grades and your GRE scores and again email me up the site if you’d like more information about that had a situation just a year ago where there was a student who at another institution who had applied to graduate school and the director of his program made recommendations that he applied here here and here he met with me and I recommended that he apply here here and here.

And actually because his research was very interdisciplinary there were a number of different routes to go that were really great instead the individual applied to only immunology programs only in the state in which he resided and he wasn’t admitted to any of them and we went back to him and said why you know you know you don’t have to take our advice but we’re really curious why did you not and they said well I gathered all of this advice but the postdoc in the lab told me only to apply it to immunology and I’m positive that the postdocs intentions were golden but a postdoc has four years of graduate school and professor has 30 years at the bench so think long and hard about who you should be taking advice from so again if you have questions you can write me at this email address that this is the same email address that the emails on this website go to I hope this has been helpful if you have any questions write me if there’s information that’s missing right me because I can go on back and incorporate it and hopefully make this more beneficial for all of you.